Photo retouching by a professional

Portrait retouching

I retouch contrast, colour density, light and sharpness but also remove or reduce skin imperfections, whiten teeth, rejuvenate …

photo retouching

Contrast, Colour Density, Light, Sharpness

Photo Enlargement

To increase the resolution and size of the printable photo

Restoration of damaged photos

Yellowed, torn, folded, erased, cracked photos: I restore everything!

Cell phone photo retouching

I straighten perspectives, improve colour density, light and sharpness and increase the resolution of the photo .

Photo retouching : Why use a professional ?

It is essential to use a professional retoucher for the processing of your photographs. If we imagine the raw photo as a “rough draft”, the retoucher will be the artist who will shape it, magnify it and reveal its full potential.

I am a Senegalese photographer working in Dakar. I can therefore offer you very competitive “offshore” rates.

In the video below, you can see the many possibilities of photo retouching. Basic retouching such as brightness and contrast are systematically done by any self-respecting photographer.

The ideal would be to work on files in “raw” format. This format allows a very advanced post-processing latitude, without degrading the image.

If the Raw format is not available, it is possible to do photo retouching work in jpg format, this simply requires more expertise and may limit the possibilities somewhat.

This is the point of hiring a professional for the retouching of your photos, she will be the only one able to assist you properly and realize the retouching of your dreams.

I can treat the colors, both the saturation (level of colors present, little saturation = dull image, too much saturation = very bright image with unreal colors) but also the colors themselves that can be modified one by one (make a sky bluer, whiten teeth, change the color of the eyes …).

I can also retouch the sharpness, the blur, improve or degrade the “spike” of the image (we talk about the spike of a photo when it is very sharp, we talk about a soft photo when the blur is too present and not sought after). It is possible to retouch a photo with a fake artificial bokeh (artistic blur).

I can erase the dark circles under the eyes, whiten the teeth, erase the pimples on the skin, smooth the skin without “lifting” effect, change the color of the eyes, magnify the lips… Photopermit retouching can do (almost) anything.

I can, of course, restore your old deteriorated photos and give them a second youth (on estimate).

The software used to carry out this work is very complex to master, which is why the expertise of a professional retouching machine is necessary to process your photographs correctly.

Some services can only be done on estimate, indeed I must see the scope of the work desired and its feasibility, some more limited services can be done directly online.

The result is guaranteed to be of high quality, to the best of the file provided, because the retouching is done by a professional.