Photo Enlargement

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When considering a photo enlargement, it is because it has a special feature. It is eye-catching, well exposed, luminous, with an artistic touch… It conveys emotions, reminds you of your memories.

Whether landscapes, faces… this photo makes you happy. It would therefore deserve to be the subject of a photo enlargement. By taking size, your photo would come to life.

But then again, your photo is too small or of too low definition to be enlarged to the desired size.

And that’s where my services become indispensable. Enlargement higher than 400% on quotation.

photo retouche


Photo enlargement without loss of quality

When it comes to making large prints or digging through our archives, the definition of our images may be insufficient, not to mention scans made from negatives or identity format photos .

Artificial intelligence, used for photo enlargement, has been trained with many real photographs to create the missing details based on the textures and objects that exist in reality.

Artificial intelligence is, in fact, able to guess what the details in the photo “should” be. This allows it to replace the missing pixels. This intelligent technology allows photos to be enlarged without (too) much loss of quality while minimizing the artifacts associated with resizing.

Possible photo enlargement in :

  • 200%
  • 300%
  • 400%

Larger extensions are possible on request.

Each photo being unique, I do my best to obtain the best quality of sharpness, to minimize the artifacts of your enlarged photo, without guaranteeing you a quality equivalent to that obtained on another photo.


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