Portrait retouching

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Photo beauty retouching is quite similar to digital makeup. It involves slight modifications such as the attenuation of dark circles and wrinkles, harmonization of the skin and complexion. Beauty portrait retouching also intervenes on the search for details in the areas of shadows and light to give relief and help to draw the features of the face. Portrait retouching can be more or less advanced according to the wishes of the client and the photographer.

See the services provided for portrait retouching in the long description.

photo retouche


Services included in the retouching of portraits

Photo enhancement :

I’m improving the contrast in your portrait,


I’m adjusting the color saturation,
the brightness,
I adjust the color balance (correction of a dominant tint on your photograph)
I intervene on sharpness and micro sharpness (micro sharpness gives density to your photo).

The removal of small imperfections:

reduction of dark circles, wrinkles, stains and pimples, teeth whitening… is free of charge at your request, according to your instructions.

I can crop your image to your specifications.

Increasing the resolution :

Possible cropping or small file size may require an increase in resolution (paid option). more about What resolution is necessary and sufficient for large format prints?

Here are my recommendations, for the resolution of the scanning of your files for portrait retouching

  • The higher the scan resolution, the better the result will be 600dpi to 300dpi minimum.
  • The file size increases sharply with the resolution. The maximum download size allowed is 8Mb per file.
  • Do not compress files (JPEG format) ideal size = 100%.
  • Always make a copy of your scan.



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